Shrink Me with Strawberry


Shrink Me‘ is what we do best for our clients using the Strawberry Lipo Laser. Fast acting, painless and able to target multiple body parts of unwanted fat the Strawberry Inch Loss Lipo Laser is truly remarkable in achieving lasting results. An inch loss system supported by proper nutrition and exercise and approved by the FDA delivers on its promised inch loss.

As the most experienced Strawberry Inch Loss Company operating in Monmouth County, “Shrink Me” is what we hear most from our clients looking to lose stubborn inches from their belly, butt, love handles, thighs and chin and shrink them we do!

Our no risk, introductory offer enables you to get your first treatment at a reduced cost with a first visit money back guarantee. Being the most experienced and successful Strawberry Inch Loss business in Shrewsbury and surrounding areas, we have satisfied hundreds of clients’ wishes in achieving their Shrink Me goals in as little as four weeks. Using real lasers that get dramatic results in just four weeks makes the Strawberry Inch Loss a preferred choice in losing unwanted fat.

On our website, you will read about 101.5 FM radio personality Judi Franco’s excellent results in losing 5” around her waist in 4 weeks. These results are remarkable and you might be thinking no way this really happens. But when Judy asked to “Shrink Me”, shrink her we did with the Strawberry Inch Loss Lipo Laser. For most people, however, a double blind clinical study, approved by the FDA, demonstrated in achieving an average inch loss of 3.7 inches combined with a 95% success rate.

We don’t just offer the Strawberry Lipo Laser treatments and end your experience there. In fact without the proper technician who has the life experiences in dealing with women’s health and learned experiences as an expert in dealing with our clients’ inch loss journeys, the Strawberry inch loss laser will not work. Our long term experiences and client successes have helped us develop a personalized approach that will benefit most everyone who walks through our doors.

Jenn, your Strawberry technician, is a nutritionist with years of successful training and real life experiences as a Strawberry technician, women’s powerlifter, personal trainer and training women bodybuilders, a winning combination that she offers our clients.

Special attention will be focused on your past experiences, your nutritional habits, exercise abilities and stated goals and commitment level. After carefully gathering all the information that you present to us, Jenn will detail the steps you will need to initiate for a successful experience. Results oriented and attention to detail is what we do best.

By utilizing the Strawberry Inch Loss Laser technology combined with Jenn’s attention to detail in nutrition and exercise, plus a sincere commitment in helping you achieve your Shrink Me goals will result in you feeling better and looking better. Call today 732-345-1700 or visit us at and ask Jenn to “Shrink Me” today using our successful approach with the Strawberry Inch Loss Lipo Laser!

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